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Purposes In the pursuit of our mission, we organize our services around the following purposes…

Building individual and organizational leadership and team competencies that position the organization for success.
Creating cultural and operational alignment. Cultivating a client corporate climate conducive to learning and growth. Helping individual executive and other leaders  align for long-term success


Leadership and management is not for amateurs! It is a professional practice backed by research and a body of knowledge. Most people enter the workplace wanting to do well, for themselves, for their families, and for the business. Business performance excels when people align their individual goals and interests with those of the organization, and then do what they do because they want to. There is no place in business for “self-appointed victims”. Such people must change, or find somewhere else to meet their needs and succeed. Life is too short!


Board development, Cultural assessments, Cultural development, Strategic & operational planning, Executive retreats, Individual leadership assessments Individual executive coaching, Conference keynote speaking engagements