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As a leader, do you “own the room”? Are you an “extraordinary leader”? In Owning the Room, Roger A. Gerard draws on his more than 45 years of leadership experience, both successes and mistakes, to explore these questions and reveal how leadership must be cultivated. Leadership is not for amateurs! It must be learned on the ground, by being a leader, and doing the hard work of leading others. Frankly, it’s the only way. In this book, Gerard serves as your holistic leadership coach and mentor – a voice that has been there, done that, and is still learning many years later. Owning the Room is segmented into three parts—Leadership Action as Intention, Making it Happen, and Deepening the Learning—and focuses on three fundamental dynamics of leadership: 1. Inspiring the mind through knowledge, 2. Inspiring the heart through care, 3. Inspiring purpose through accomplishment and humility along the way. Owning the Room details not only the “how to’s” of ideal leadership, but also goes in-depth about what must happen when things go wrong. Effective leaders inspire people to hope, to focus on the possible, and to rise beyond. Take the keys in this book to own your room. Testimonials: “This book should be required reading for all who are learning about leadership! The content, storytelling and activities kept me engaged throughout the book. This hit home!” Julie Brussow, CEO, Security Health Plan. “This work will touch the hearts and minds of all leaders who read it!” Andrew Cox, Chief of Staff to the CEO, WellStar Healthcare System. “Owning the Room is a must read for any leader who desires to transform their organization’s culture and performance to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.” Candice Saunders, President and CEO Wellstar Health System. “The integration of mindful intention, heart intention and spirit intention is a great gift to those who are leaders, and to those who will lead in the future. I wish I had this book forty years ago!” Ed Hammen, Retired Health Care Executive. “Owning the Room does not “admire the problem,” rather it guides current and future leaders not only to lead change, but to become professionals prepared to lead through change, no matter how novel”. David A. Shore, PhD, author and former associate dean of Harvard University and former distinguished professor of innovation and change at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (China). “This book is terrific, a must read “leadership examination of confidence”! The theme of mind, heart and spirit will challenge all leaders on some level to improve his/her effectiveness.” Paul Macek, Retired CEO.